Students, unemployed, fulltime or part time workers, self employed people, those made redundant or retired people. Companies who have no money to train their staff or learn new skills.

share your skills

Share Your skills

If you could do anything, what would it be?So whats stopping you?

If the answer is money then Share Your Skills is the answer because the site is designed to bring people together who don't have the money to learn the skills they want.

How to use this site.

Sharing what you know is because what you know comes from your work, experience or education. Whatever you feel is valuable then out of the billions of people on the planet there is bound to be someone who is willing to share their skills with you. How it works: Miss A is self a employed language tutor but can't afford to design her website because its too expensive to hire a web designer.

Mr B has just graduated from university in graphic design and has made websites as part of his course but the company he wants to work for is Spanish but he can't speak a word of Spanish.

Share Your Skills will connect these 2 people together. Miss A offers Mr B the Spanish lessons in exchange for Mr B designing a cool website for her business. Result. They both get what they want and they haven't spent any money.

Simply write what skill you want in exchange for what skill you can offer.